TME’s new TC Wall Port offers a low-cost method of remotely monitoring food temperatures from up to 20 metres away. From just £16, this clever device helps food companies to test food temperatures during difficult processes or in hard to reach locations.

This discrete thermocouple testing point acts as an intermediary between sensor and thermometer. Measuring just 52 x 52 mm, the device is wall-mounted for convenient access. It is primarily used with fine wire temperature sensors which are channelled back to the Wall Port where any standard thermocouple thermometer can be plugged in.

Whether monitoring freezers or ovens, the TC Wall Port is also compatible with food simulant probes or black body probes, which reflecting true food temperatures rather than just appliance temperature. Also by working remotely – instead of having to open the appliance to take the test – fluctuating or inaccurate readings are eliminated.

MD, Tom Sensier: “The TC Wall Port helps food companies achieve more accurate, real-time test results during cooking and storage.”

TM Electronics (UK) Ltd