T&D has launched an innovative app that allows permanent and reliable temperature monitoring with the TR4 series data loggers – perfect for transport and storage, from cold chain to vaccines.

Japanese market leader T&D Corporation offers measurement and monitoring solutions that can be tailored to meet individual customer needs. They are ideal for real-time monitoring and accurate logging of data in the food and transport sectors, and for vaccines too. Equipped with low energy Bluetooth, the TR4 loggers, which can measure a wide range of temperatures are now supported by an innovative, free app. They can measure, TR41 internal sensor type – 40°C ~ 80°C is waterproof (IP67), TR42 -60°C ~155°C external sensor type (IP64) and TR45 external sensor TC -199°C ~ 1370°C or PT -199°C ~600°C.

The mobile free app TR4 Report quickly creates and summarises reports and graphs of the temperatures measured – in under one minute on site. These can then be named and supported with other important information, and are available in the app as PDF files for saving, sending via email or printing. That means manual reporting or time-consuming analysis of recorded data on a computer is no longer necessary. The app can be used on a smartphone or tablet, and ensures error-free workflow and flawless documentation.

The data loggers of the TR4 series and the tailor-made TR4 Report app are ideally suited for use in the transport sector, for example when it comes the conveyance of COVID-19 vaccines. The T&D data loggers measure – short, regular intervals – whether the desired temperature is being maintained. (TR4 Report’s recoding interval is fixed on one minute). As the app operates on mobile devices and does not require a computer or USB connection, deliveries can now be made contactless and reports sent via email or messenger apps – a quick and safe solution during the pandemic. An ideal application for the TR4 series and the TR4 Report app is, for example, the transport control of sensitive goods such as fresh and frozen food, or medical products. Furthermore, they are perfectly suited for the control of heating in buildings, temperature monitoring in agricultural businesses and the protection of laboratories, refrigerators and storage facilities.

In addition to the TR4 Report app, the free Thermo REC app works perfectly together with the new TR4 report app and shows the user the current temperature graph in real-time. The application is also capable of monitoring and consolidating data for up to four loggers simultaneously. With Free ThermoStorage, all recorded data can be seamlessly uploaded to the free Cloud T&D web storage service with one click.

T&D offers other constantly updated and improved software solutions, including the free T&D Cloud WebStorage Service. This is available for computers and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets – anytime and anywhere. With the help of another T&D app, the free T&D Graph, users can merge and store a larger number of recorded data files in one chart, and use more effective tools for data management and analysis.

About T&D Corporation:

The Japanese T&D Corporation was founded 1986 in Matsumoto. The company name derives from “try and develop” and emphasizes the company’s ambition to create innovative products with a high degree of practical usefulness. A milestone was the development of the first temperature data logger in 1994. For the twenty-seven years since then, T&D has been at the forefront of creating new data loggers to meet the current customer’s demand for unlimited nonstop access to data. Production takes place in a high-tech site in Matsumoto, Japan, and since 2003, T&D Corporation has been exporting its wireless data loggers worldwide. Presently, the company has over 80 distributors worldwide and head offices in both North America and Europe.

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