Now available from Verder UK is the new Verderflex Dura 55 peristaltic dosing pump, delivering over 20% more flow – the highest continuous and intermittent flow of any pump in its size category.

The Dura 55 model extends the Dura range to allow flow rates from below 1L/hr to 15.3m3/hr up to 16 bar.

The next generation of peristaltic pumps

The Dura 55 is part of the next generation of peristaltic pumps from the Verderflex family. The range has been developed to meet the demands of engineers tasked with reducing the total cost of ownership over the life of a pump, increasing the plant’s uptime and performance, even with arduous, heavy duty applications.

As a peristaltic pump, the Dura 55 performs exceptionally well with shear-sensitive fluids such as polymers or brewing yeast, highly viscous sludges or pastes and abrasive fluids and even those that are off-gassing.

Where a fluid stream may run dry, require a suction lift, contain solids or need to self-prime the peristaltic principle is perfectly suited, thanks to no wearing parts being in contact with the fluid. A simple hose design with a rotor providing a compression pushes the fluid through the pump, eliminating abrasive wear, permitting solids to pass and minimizing shearing effects on the fluid.

These qualities make the Verderflex Dura 55 ideal for use in water treatment, chemical process, anaerobic digestion, brewing and filter press applications.

Low life cycle costs

  • Use less energy with lower running speeds
  • Increase hose life with less revolutions yet maintaining flow
  • Increase maintenance intervals
  • Best quality hoses for extended MTBF
  • More plant uptime
  • Reduce administration with equipment incident reports
  • No clean-up costs

Designed for convenience and heavy-duty use

Hose change times have now halved thanks to a unique flange design.  To access the hose, the flange is quickly opened using a quarter-turn lock system.

For total containment the flange completely encloses the hose to contain the fluid using a special clamp, preventing any air entering the flow path or fluid leaking. The materials available are stainless steel 316 as standard or PP and PVDF inserts for chemical applications.

This containment prevents the flange seizing due to the reaction between the product and heat.

Where handling solid-laden fluids or for unexpected objects in the flow path causing choking, “stalled rotor protection” technology separates the rotor from the drive. This eliminates potential rotor, rotor shoe or gearbox damage, reducing both maintenance costs and production downtime.

For total containment, the Dura 55 pump casing is cast from high tensile strength SG iron, unlike the lower specification GG iron, used by many competing products. The Verderflex Dura 55 pump’s rotor shoes are fully supported to the main body, eliminating potential stress points.

The Verderflex range of peristaltic pumps is from Verder UK. The range covers flow rate from less than 1ml/min to 90m3/hr. This wide flow rate means there is a peristaltic pump for every process and industry including as OEM components. Verderflex supplies mines, fisheries, chemical process plants, breweries, laboratories, waste water treatment works and many more with the best quality products and after-sales service.


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