When Colalife, an independent non-profit organisation working with Coca-Cola needed a solution to package their new AidPod concept they turned to PA for advice.

The AidPod is at the heart of the Colalife model. It is a wedge-shaped container that fits between the necks of the bottles in a crate of Coca-Cola. The AidPod makes use of unused space to transport simple medicines, such as oral rehydration salts, and other social products like micro-nutrients to the destinations in developing countries that Coca-Cola reaches.

PA was contacted by PI Global a branding and design agency working with Colalife to provide a solution to heat seal the AidPod. They explained that they needed a machine that was appropriate to export to Zambia, easy to use, effective, accurate and required no compressed air. The table top, manually operated PA217 was chosen as the most suitable solution.

The PA217 is simple to use, robust and versatile making it the perfect choice for export to Zambia.

Jane Berry Business Development Director at Colalife said “There was obviously a great willingness to work with us to understand and fulfil our needs in a very cost effective way; we got a lot of attention to understand our needs and recommend the specification. The communication was excellent; this gave us confidence in the machine and the follow up service.”

Jane continued “The machine was quickly installed in Zambia, training the staff was very easy and from day one there have been no problems, I would definitely recommend PA to another company.”


Packaging Automation Ltd was established in 1963 and is a leading UK manufacturer of tray sealing and pot filling machinery. 

Operating from ‘state of the art’ premises located in Knutsford, the business employs 90 people and produces a wide range of equipment from simple manual units and semi-automatics through to in-line fully automated systems. The company also manufactures volumetric, filling and sealing machines, conveyors and other ancillary equipment. 

Its facilities, products and high level of professionalism has made Packaging Automation one of the market leaders in the supply of tray sealing solutions for a wide range of markets including food, medical and personal-care.

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