Pattern matching technology to help prevent leap year labelling errors

Feb 21, 2012 | Food Processing & Packaging

Designed to eliminate labelling mistakes before a product leaves the plant or pack-house, the Trac-IT Line Control Module from Marco could be the solution to the potential labelling problems resulting from this year’s leap year.

Some labelling systems will not recognise the extra day in February and the date code will have to be adjusted manually. If this does not occur, it could mean that the ‘use by date’ of a product is extended by one day.

The module for food manufacturers and packers is available with enhanced QA capabilities including pattern matching technology using high resolution optical recognition techniques.

The manufacturer claims that the technology within the module surpasses that of ordinary bar code reading technology, as pattern matching techniques can be programmed to recognise a diverse range of characters and images including erroneous dates such as 31st Sept as well as identifying instances of incorrectly positioned or missing labels.