Plate link conveyors are normally used in arduous and harsh applications including foundry, engineering, timber and packaging environments to move bulk items like castings, swarf, wood, component handling and bulk materials etc.

Applications can include heat treatment, low temperature ovens, cooling, drying and recycling.

The belt can be constructed from light; medium or heavy-duty steel/stainless steel to form a series of hinged plates and linked by a succession of connecting steel rods.

Usually, chains are fixed to the conveyor belt both sides and driven over sprockets at each end. Surface finish options including galvanising, bright zinc plating and Teflon coating. Flights, side guards and perforations are additional specifications that can be offered.   

The belts are very strong but at the same time the modular hinging arrangement makes it flexible.  Both the product being carried and the manufacturing process determine the length and width of the plate link belt. The conveyor can be level, or inclined to feed material in to hoppers or skips.

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