Gill Sensors, a leading designer and manufacturer of precision sensors, has developed an Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter to measure fuel efficiency and the accurate monitoring of fuel usage.

Utilising almost 30 years’ experience in liquid and gas flow sensor design, Gill’s Fuel Flow Meter uses ultrasonic ‘time of flight’ technology to determine liquid flow rate to a high degree of accuracy. 

Primarily designed to address fuel efficiency regulations within the motorsport industry, the meter detects bi-directional fuel flow up to 8000ml/min. The ultrasonic meter has a robust solid-state design to deliver excellent long-term reliability in dynamometer and on-car monitoring of fuel use. 

The meter features a brand new electronic platform, which integrates the latest transducer and processor technologies to measure the flow 1000 times every second. The ultrasonic measuring principle delivers a market leading step response feature.  This means even minute changes in flow rate can be captured by the device leading to a greater overall accuracy when compared to other invasive flow measurement technologies.

Throughout its development, extensive testing has taken place to ensure the meter can meet the demands of harsh environment applications. Due to the use of ultrasonic technology and the removal of moving mechanical parts from the flow path, a minimal pressure drop across the meter is ensured, providing real time flow rate data with little impact on the flow itself. This also allows for much higher temporal resolutions and accuracy levels to measure high frequency pulsating flows.

Operational in extreme temperatures, the fuel flow meter is capable of monitoring both transient and steady fuel flow, flow direction, fuel temperature and cumulative fuel usage.

The Ultrasonic Flow Meter has been utilised across premier racing series due to its innovative design, accuracy and durability in punishing operating environments. 

Gill also has the capability of providing customised ultrasonic flow meters compatible with most fuel, oil and gas types including aggressive ethanol blends.  Each flow meter is specially tailored for its application to offer extremely reliable operation in the harshest of environments such as process applications, automotive and diesel generators.

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