Explosion-protected human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for operator control and monitoring of complex production processes in a variety of different industries; our EXICOM product portfolio ranges from small 7″ machine-level HMI’s to top-of-the-range 24″ widescreen PC’s and PC terminals, suitable for use in hazardous areas, Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. We provide our customers with cost- and time-effective HMI systems and solutions, ready to run with pre-installed operating system and/ or intelligent software that best suits your requirements.



Plants can now be operated even more effectively with the new and improved functions of our multifunctional IS1+ modules. Extended diagnostics and status messages make processes more transparent and give warning of failures in due time. The innovative low-power design not only saves energy but also significantly extends lifetime – even at higher ambient temperatures. New modules, optimized for Zone 2, allow for further savings and the guaranteed backward compatibility protects your initial investments.

System solutions

R STAHL have been actively providing system solutions for explosion protection for a number of years; taking specific customer requirements into account and using a combination of our own and third party products we can design and implement the optimum bespoke solution. A broad product range and strong focus on research and development gives us greater flexibility to meet customers’ wishes and continually offer the most cutting edge technology in the EX Field.