Quite a long time ago, an employer wouldn’t even consider providing the workforce with respirators unless the environment was really toxic. Certainly not for everyday use anyway because while the job may have been a bit messy, the inhalation of anything unpleasant wasn’t at the top of the list of industrial injuries. We all know better now.

Respiratory hazards are present in the workplace whenever the process involves grinding, welding, storing, painting and a myriad of other functions that are necessary to get a finished product out of the factory doors. And today, the emphasis is without doubt, firmly centered on employee safety

Thorite now has a comprehensive range of single-use respirators in stock and available either from the Sales & Service Centres or for purchase on line. These range from a simple fold Flat respirator which can be purchased for £12.60 for a box of ten to cup respirators with enhanced filtration. The choice is dependent on the severity of the working environment.

The new Thorite catalogue covers the range of respirators and other items of Personal Protection Equipment. The single use respirators can be found on pages 650 and 651.

For more information including data sheets for the respirators please visit www.thorite.co.uk or telephone 0800 034 5850.