PSL is providing a range of filter dryers to Indian drug producer Cipla for use at its new oncology plant in Bangalore. The new plant will include several production lines, and the suite of contained filtration and drying solutions from PSL will range from small to large scale units for the production of highly potent APIs, with contained discharge to achieve a guaranteed OEL<1µg/m3 during the sampling period.

The package supplied to Cipla consists of four filter dryers, including PSL’s GFD Isolator which incorporates a 0.05m2 Maxi Lab Glass Filter Dryer for small scale contained production. The other three filter dyers comprise 0.125m2, 0.3m2 and 0.6m2 Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers with high containment discharge for assured operator and product protection.

The filter dryers are said to achieve optimum drying performance due to the under-plate heating systems and maximum  productivity through PSL’s original direct heel recovery system.

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