Problem: Discam units were required to protect the large submersible downstream pumps installed at a sewage treatment project in China.

Solution: A trio of Discam units from NOV Mono have been installed at the No.1, 2 and 3 sewage pumping stations at the Lainban waste water treatment plant in the Fujian Province city of Fuzhou. The grinder and screen technology offers a low maintenance alternative to conventional pump protection solutions.

The project is driven by Suzhou Dayu Water Treatment Equipment Company, which already has numerous NOV Mono progressing cavity pumps in use at these facilities. The reliable and efficient service which these have provided was a key consideration in the decision to order the Discam units.

“Packaged systems such as Discam are ideal for this type of application,” said NOV Mono’s business manager for Waste-Tec products, Ian Hallows. “By screening and macerating solids in a single operation they can create major benefits in wastewater treatment processes. Operating efficiency is increased, while the cost of cleaning plus onward handling and disposal are significantly reduced. The Discam units can be installed in both existing or new-build facilities and this makes them suitable for almost any type of wastewater facility.”

The Discams’ cutter stacks macerate the solids to a small particle size, which are then  retained in the main flow for further processing or subsequent removal.

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