Static electricity is an issue that affects the manufacture of textiles, plastics, newspapers, packaging and filling operations. Good Hand UK has a vast range of Exair static eliminators to remove the static charge from products.

Paper, plastics and textiles are usually electrically balanced with equal number of positive to negative charges until they experience friction. Friction caused during the manufacturing process can disturb this equilibrium of charges and cause the material to become positively or negatively charged. This unbalanced overall charge is referred to as a static charge and can cause a whole host of issues, such as, dust attraction, the product getting attracted to and sticking to itself, rollers, machine beds or frames, the material tearing or jamming, issues with material feeding and sparks or shocks can occur.

How to eliminate static charges

Often manufacturers use grounded brushes or tinsels to eliminate static from materials. However, materials such as plastic, paper and textiles are insulators and do not discharge when they are grounded, thus these brushes have little to no effect at removing static charges. Therefore, alternative static eliminators are required.

To test whether a product is experiencing a static charge a static meter can be used. This meter detects the surface voltage of the material from around 25mm away, where the higher the voltage the greater the static problem. If a product is experiencing a surface static charge then Exair has a vast range of static eliminators to suit your application and to deliver a blast of positive and negative ions to the surface of the charged product which eliminates the static and restores the electrical balance.

Out of all the Exair ionisers, the Super ion air knives have the best static elimination performance. They deliver a uniform sheet of ionised air onto the product surface using very little compressed air. The super ion air knife requires only 105 SLPM per 300mm of length at 0.3 Bar – 40:1 air amplification and usually operates at 50 Dba. It is the best ioniser at long distances (up to 20 feet (6.1m) away) and high speeds. Therefore, production doesn’t have to slow down due to the presence of this ion air knife.

Ionisers will only remove the static electricity from the exposed surface of the product which can leave the other side of the product electrically charged. Therefore, it may be appropriate to install another super ion air knife on the other side of the product to ensure complete neutralisation. Alternatively, there are air wipes available, such as the Exair super ion air wipe, which provide a uniform 360o static eliminating airstream that gives total coverage of the part that is moving through it. These air wipes are perfect to use on the static elimination on pipes, cable, hoses and wires that are being continuously feed through.

No matter the application and product shape, size and material there is a suitable Exair static eliminator. For sensitive products there are ionising bar and ionising point static eliminators that do not use compressed air, these are ideal in situations where even the lightest airflow could disturb the product, such as for lightweight products.