Spirax Sarco has opened its UK Steam Technology Centre, said to be the only training facility in the UK to offer a fully-operational steam system with SCADA control. The revamped centre offers a variety of training courses to help steam system operators address key issues, such as improving energy efficiency and carbon emissions, reducing downtime and operating costs and ensuring safe operation.

The training rig is designed to showcase modern approaches to process control, energy efficiency and carbon impact. SCADA linked systems allow delegates to observe all aspects of the boiler house and steam system design in real time.

As well as being used for training purposes, the rig can be used to demonstrate the latest steam to hot water technology. This will give steam system operators working with Spirax Sarco the chance to specify the best system for their installations.

The centre’s courses offer ‘hands-on’ experience that provide ‘real-world’ training, leading to formally recognised qualifications.