Sterile valves are key for hygienic applications

Mar 7, 2017 | Flow & Level

Sterile valves with a pinching sleeve inside the body by AKO are proving to be the most preferred valve type on the market for applications of an aseptic nature.

The food grade FDA Approved elastomer sleeve is made up of layers of reinforced rubber which is durable and extremely flexible, allowing a tight shut off of the media and a 100% true open bore for the media to flow through. These special sleeves for the sterile valves (also known as tubes, membranes or bladders), are available in a range of rubber materials to suit any hygienic application including EPDM.

SIP & CIP Sterile Valves

AKO’s leading Pinch Valve product range now includes EHEDG Certified sterile valves, which are ideal for aseptic and hygienic applications including food & beverage, chemicals, pharmaceutical, and pigging systems. This type of sterile valve is also SIP and CIP capable. The bacteria-tight design allows them to be sterilised efficiently.

The broad range of end connections available make this Pinch Valve even more attractive. The stainless steel connections include flanges (DIN & ANSI), internally threaded BSP sockets, weld-on ends, RJT threaded spigot, and tri-clamps.

Sterile Valves Demand

Sterile valves are becoming more and more of importance in certain industries in order to comply with industry regulations. The AKO Pinch Valve meets these requirements, and is currently working successfully in many applications all over the world.

The cleaning process for these valves takes place by steaming the whole line where the media passes, with steam or hot water. This makes the valve sterile and ready to use again for passing hygienic media in aseptic applications.

When replacing the rubber sleeve inside a Pinch Valve, a food quality lubricant paste can be used to aid with the fitting. Any residue from the paste that is left around the inside of the valve will be cleaned off during the sterilising cleaning process.

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