Taking control from the heart of the process

Jan 11, 2013 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem: FrieslandCampina has increased the capacity of its dessert and yoghurt production at Gutersloh, Germany with the construction of a new production building housing a flexible production line. The line consists of a computer controlled system with a branched network of stainless steel pipes, pumps, mixers, heaters and sterile tanks that can hold up to 12,000 litres of milk, and required valve islands to control up to 2000 pneumatic process components.

Solution: Bürkert’s stainless steel AirLINE Quick valve island solution has cut installation costs, improved operating integrity and is delivering ongoing economies in the control of the pneumatic process components. An automatic cleaning-in-place (CIP) system for all the piping and tanks is also integrated.

The process valve nodes are controlled by a total of 42 Rittal HD (Hygienic Design) enclosures, each with 24-station, IP65 rated, AirLINE Quick valve islands, including digital inputs for feedback. Using Profibus DP communications, most of the enclosures are lined up close to the valve nodes, so are right in the middle of the hygiene-sensitive process field. This means they must withstand detergents and high pressure cleaning. The modular mounting of the Type 8640 valve terminal makes installation quick and simple and its construction from solid V2A stainless steel means it can resist aggressive cleaning agents.   

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