TCS’s story started many years ago when they needed to circulate cooling liquid, but could not find a suitable small pump for the purpose. Necessity being the mother of invention, TCS set about developing their own pump for this application. This was the M100 centrifugal pump ( The pump suited the application really well and TCS advertised the product on their website and immediately created a strong demand not just for the M100 but also requests for higher flows and greater pressures.

As a result of this strong demand TCS set about designing pumps using appropriate pump technologies for a range of applications in many different industries including aerospace, defence, medical, electronics, laboratory, diagnostic devices and many more.

Many years of intense development and rigorous testing have lead to a broad range of dependable pumps which are available from stock, including centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps, gear pumps and sliding vane pumps which can be purchased online ( and the company continue to innovate, with new product ranges being launched for early 2015 featuring the ‘R’ range and the ‘HD’ range

TCS have always been customer driven and whilst this has influenced the development of the standard product range, TCS have also made customization a major focus. Whilst most manufacturers just offer their standard range of products, TCS undertake custom projects for their customers to design and manufacture pumps optimized and tailored precisely for their customer’s application.

Examples of custom projects include a small extremely efficient and whisper quiet pump with low cost disposable head for a wearable dialysis application to a high flow but light weight pump for UAV’s. Other examples include requirements with challenges related to dimensionality, extremes of temperature at both ends of the scale, hostile environments, e.g. Formula 1 cars, and aggressive materials.

TCS will consider and undertake any challenge where their specialist knowledge and experience can add value to their customers project.

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