Status Instruments has introduced a wireless temperature and transmitter and receiver, suitable for industrial applications where installing hard wired technology can be costly and disruptive.

The WX series consists of the WTX700 wireless temperature transmitter, which accepts RTD and thermocouple sensors as well as slidewire and mV signals, and the WRX 900 DIN rail receiver. The transmitter is powered using a 3.6V Lithium battery with a lifespan of up to 3 years depending on the transmission rate. There are two choices of connecting heads to allow for flexibility – the aluminium SCH11 is sensor-mounted while the ABS plastic SCH4 can be sensor-mounted or surface-mounted, which is beneficial when used with a flying lead sensor.

Data gathered by up to 16 WTX700 transmitters is sent to the WRX900 DIN Rail receiver.  The receiver converts up to four temperature values into isolated current or voltage signals or into two current signals and two relay alarm signals.

Status Instruments

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