Tested and ready to run

Mar 21, 2012 | Heat Transfer

The ARI-ENCOsys packaged solution from ARI is delivered fully tested and ready for connection. The compact steam-to-water heat exchange system is designed to provide hot water instantaneously up to 2100kW, whatever the load conditions and without the need for a water storage vessel. 

Nick Davies, UK sales director, explained: “ENCOsys will control at +/-1°C under steady load conditions and responds quickly to large or sudden load changes to maintain accurate control. It rarely requires a bi-annual insurance inspection due to the low volume of the heat exchanger compared to a traditional shell and tube option and heating the secondary water and sub-cooling the condensate in the same plate heat exchanger results in lower fuel bills and less CO2. Having no storage vessel removes a potential breeding place for legionella or other bacteria.”

The heat exchange system is suitable for applications such as the generation of domestic hot water, low temperature hot water (LTHW) and process heating duties such as hot water hose-down, heat recovery and cleaning in place. With a width of less than 800mm, it suits small plant rooms and can easily fit through a single plant room door.

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