If you are in the business of modern food manufacturing, distribution and equipment provision, this stand will be of interest for you. It will feature working models and hands on demonstrations of a brand new range of affordable, yet innovative level and pressure devices designed for simple automation and control tasks for food and beverage manufacturing, rounding out an already widely capable portfolio of technologies and devices. These new products are designed with the end user and the equipment supplier in mind. Sensors designed and built around simplicity of operation, ease of use and quick installation, which are benefits for both engineer and operator alike. With features like superbright LED status lights, Bluetooth operation and interchangeable process connections all aimed at delivering time savings, reduced costs, safer, simpler set up and operation of devices, they really stand out from the crowd. The stand will also feature the latest in 80 GHz radar technologies for both non-contact level monitoring and control of liquid and solids at all levels of manufacturing business; from raw materials, manufacturing, storage and even technology right at the heart of IIoT inventory and distribution solutions. Spend five minutes on the stand and we will deliver.