All journeys start with small steps, let us help you take your first.

New digital technologies are rapidly transforming the manufacturing process with investment in Industry 4.0 considered vital in achieving a step change in UK manufacturing.

Many companies have now moved beyond this initial concept phase and have progressed into implementation and are already seeing benefits. The question is what is holding you back, from achieving the same?

DON’T WAIT – If you think you have to wait for the technology, you might be pleasantly surprised by what we have to talk about.

Many solutions already exist and our Open Forum events aim to provide practical illustrations of some examples that can be readily implemented now, often somewhat easier and at a lower cost than you might expect, allowing you to take that first step to Smart Manufacturing.

Forum Dates & Locations

We will be running the forum on two separate dates and locations, which we hope gives you the flexibility to attend:

Tuesday 23rd October 2018 – At The College of West Anglia


Wednesday 31st October 2018 At Mitsubishi Electric Head Office – Hatfield

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events.