Over a decade since it first arrived on the market, the SEP 60 condensate cleaner is still widely regarded as the flagship of the SEPURA™ range. Developed at the advanced laboratories of global filtration specialists, Bowman Stor, it was introduced as the world’s first fully disposable separator. The compact, single use, quick-fit design quickly demonstrated that it could punch well above its weight, with the capacity to out-perform separators twice its size.

As its name suggests, it is designed specifically for compressed air systems up to 60cfm (1.7 m³/min)*. The process is simple – oily water in, clean water out – allowing output to be discharged straight to the sewer system with contaminant levels as low as 5ppm.

Its unparalleled efficiency stems, not just from the elegantly engineered unit design, but from the unique filtration media used inside. Bowman Stor created their own patented media called SILEXA™ in 2009 and this has now become the winning formula behind the whole SEPURA product range. Manufactured from recycled glass, SILEXA has been proven to be lighter, 20% more absorbent per weight, and cleaner compared to other OEM products.

What’s more, installation and replacement couldn’t be easier. Users need only to fix the permanent back plate to a wall or compressor cabinet, insert two push-in quick fittings and it’s ready to go – protecting the environment and helping keep industry compliant.

The SEP 60’s service life is also impressive – 4000 operating hours at 60cfm or 8000 hours at 30cfm (requires replacement after a maximum of 2 years)**.

Removal is straight forward too. At the end of its service life, the user simply removes the push fittings, attaches the clip-on lid and plug (supplied with the replacement unit) and slides the unit off the wall plate. The captured oil Is sealed inside the separator, making it easy to transport and dispose of (Both the ABS plastic used for the unit and the filtration material are recyclable).

Like the rest of the units in the SEPURA family – developed through years of knowledge and process industry experience – the SEP 60 has quality and performance in its DNA.

You can find out more about the SEP 60 or any of the other SEPURA products in the series at https://sepura-technologies.com/.


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SEP60ST is rated for use on compressor systems using mineral or mineral-based lubricants. Contact SEPURA regarding PAG lubricants, but in any case de-rate by at least 50%.

**Assumes compressor oil carry-over is no more than 5mg/m³