Low clogging valves of the rubber pinching hose type consist of a body manufactured in one piece (in either stainless steel, plastic or aluminium), two end connections that can sometimes be mixed and matched, and a rubber hose/sleeve inside the housing. The rubber sleeve pinches tightly closed to shut off the product flow. Moreover, low clogging valves are preferred over metal seated valves because they have a higher cycle life. They are crucial for applications where zero leakage is critical. With these low clogging valves, you can ensure a proportional opening to increasing pressure. 

Low clogging valves of the pinch type by AKO have a durable construction and a long service life. They are used in numerous applications in a very large range of different industries all over the world. They are also suitable for abrasive food materials such as salt and sugar. Moreover, these valves are the best solution for regulating and isolating abrasive, fibrous, and corrosive products, and are used to handle products such as powder, compressed air, gaseous materials, pellets, emulsions, etc.

Why are low clogging valves the preferred valve choice?

The rubber pinch type low clogging valves are very good for powder handling and for use with dry bulk solids. On the other hand, a butterfly valve for example is not designed for handling this type of dry media because the abrasiveness erodes away parts of the metal, to the point where the butterfly valve no longer seals properly and needs to be replaced.

Also with dry bulk solids, additional wear points and eventual leakage of material can be caused, even when the valve is in the closed position. Particles from the powder also tend to migrate through the stem of a butterfly valve, causing the valve to seize.

On the other hand, a pinch type low clogging valve shuts off abrasive powder applications 100%, with no leakage or dead spots. The only wearable part is the rubber sleeve itself, but if the correct rubber material is chosen and the valve is operated in the correct way, it should last a long time and the sleeve should not need replacing very often.

The pinch type low clogging valve is also;

· Very easy to install and maintain

· Competitively priced compared to other valve types on the market

· Great for fast open/close shut off times

· Little to no maintenance required

· Ideal for almost every industrial application, big or small.

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