With the objective of creating more energy-efficient pumps, M Pumps S.R.L has announced what its calls a ‘significant breakthrough’ in the development of it range of sealless, magnetic-drive pumps.

Available from Pump Engineering, M Pumps’ magnetically driven, sealless pumps offer leak-free, low-maintenance and reliable pumping, especially when the process involves aggressive, corrosive fluids. However, one inherent disadvantage of magnetically driven pumps is eddy current losses in the containment shell, an inevitability when the  shell is made from metal. The common solution to overcoming the effects of these losses is for pump motors to be ‘oversized’, but this results in increased energy consumption. Several approaches have been made to address eddy current loses, with mixed results.

However, M Pumps has now produced a hybrid rear shell design based upon an inner shell made from Hastelloy C and an outer shell which consists of a carbon filament which is wrapped around the steel outer shell. The result is a composite rear shell construction with the properties of a non-metallic material, combining the all-important qualities of optimum mechanical and chemical resistance. Pump trials have proven resistance to temperatures above 300°C, pressure resistance up to 500 bar and a reduction in eddy current losses by up to 90%.

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