Complete, pre-fabricated ‘hook-ups’ for field-based plant instrumentation – based on proven designs – are available via Intertec’s SAFE LINK service. The service covers the complete concept-to-installation process including engineering design, assembly and on-site delivery. SAFE LINK can save substantial time and money on projects, as well as increasing instrumentation performance and reliability.

A typical application is a field instrumentation node such as pressure or differential pressure transmitter(s) – supplied complete with manifold, tubing connections, plus the appropriate style of enclosure and any environmental protection needed. Intertec specialises in protection for field equipment, and can deal with the spectrum of requirements from simple freeze protection to extremes of climate such as dealing with the -40 to +40 C temperatures of Kazakhstan. Other common applications include sample conditioning systems for analyzers, and ‘hot boxes’ to prevent condensation and/or crystallization of media at instrumentation points. Intertec has six families of instrumentation-sized enclosures with different feature sets to suit different requirements – including style of opening. Larger cabinets and shelters are also available, and the company will also fabricate application-specific enclosures using its unique CNC-based manufacturing process.

This turnkey approach can often improve the performance, and reduce the lifecycle costs, of field instrumentation because of the proven nature of the designs used, and the use of a modular range of building-block components. Intertec has a very large database of designs covering all common field instrumentation applications. These protection systems are fabricated using proven components and layout principles that reduce the variability of instrument installation and provide a site standard – greatly simplifying ongoing maintenance.

Intertec’s highly reliable designs pass on the benefit of enormous protection know-how. Moreover, users can choose from conventional instrument connection configurations, or innovative close-coupled solutions that can enhance measurement accuracy. The designers will also accommodate a user’s own equipment or design choices and rules, for example by using a specified instrument or preferred brand/style of manifold.

A SAFE LINK solution for any individual requirement can be made by using a software tool available on Intertec’s website, or by answering a short questionnaire. Users are then provided with a proposal including CAD drawing, bill of materials, etc. When the design is approved, Intertec assembles and delivers the solution, using its own components (enclosures, heaters etc) plus any items that might be free-issued by the user, such as transmitters.

In addition to broad choice from numerous families of instrument-sized enclosures, cabinets and field shelters, Intertec offers a unique custom enclosure design and manufacturing service based on CNC machinery. This automates the cutting, routing and drilling of all the panels that are used to build the enclosure, cabinet or shelter – with an extremely large working area of 12.1 x 3.5 metres. This allows optimization of the size and design of an enclosure to precisely match the instrumentation content and layout, engineers can minimize its surface area and thereby secure optimum thermal performance. The production process is so simple that Intertec can now easily make custom enclosures in quantities of just one if required.


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