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Only UEC brings you safety systems that are engineered to protect, straight out of the box. Now, plant safety teams get simple setup and faster, safer performance, right from the start.

Founded in 1931, UEC is an international manufacturer of durable and reliable pressure and temperature switches, transmitters, controls, and sensors. We are focused on providing protection to equipment, processes, and personnel in a variety of industrial applications. UEC is the safety partner of choice for customers requiring the best performance, regional certifications at no extra cost, and immediate delivery.

One Series Safety Transmitter: First SIL-Certified Transmitter Designed for Speed & Safety

Instead of a costly, overcomplicated process transmitter that must be adapted for safety use, the One Series Safety Transmitter is the first exida SIL 2-certified transmitter designed solely for speed and safety system applications. Only the One Series Safety Transmitter comes with an internal high-speed relay for the fastest emergency shutdown. And its simple design means fewer nuisance trips — for greater safety, productivity, and throughput. The One Series Safety Transmitter is more affordable than adapting a process transmitter for safety applications, and its higher safe failure fraction simplifies SIL achievement

One Series Safety Transmitters are available in versions that monitor temperature and pressure. The transmitters provide 4-20 mA NAMUR standard output with exclusive “I Am Working™” diagnostics. A unique, high-speed safety relay output is incorporated for local alarm or emergency shutdown. Discrete outputs deliver voting logic input to the safety PLC to determine appropriate action. The One Series Safety Transmitter is certified for use in SIL 2 safety instrumented systems, and is capable of SIL 3 per IEC 61508. It has configurable self-diagnostics and achieves a safe failure fraction of 98.5%.

User benefits include:

  • Direct final element control
  • Easy upgrade for safety systems
  • Safe and secure from cyberattack
  • High-integrity pressure protection system

Drop in the One Series Safety Transmitter and your safety work is done!

TX200H HART Pressure Transmitter

The TX200H is a HART Smart pressure transmitter that provides simplified field adjustment while reliably communicating asset management data utilizing the latest HART 7 specification. The TX200H is suited for process control industries worldwide and provides a cost-effective solution to using conventional HART transmitters. A proprietary calibration process insures optimum temperature compensation limiting thermal effects on the sensor output. Reduced inventory levels and maintenance costs are added benefits of using the TX200H.

A flexible 10:1 turndown allows users to range the transmitter to cover multiple application requirements and reduce inventory levels through model reduction. Real-time diagnostics report device health status and process performance, alerting users to potential problems to troubleshoot before escalation occurs and avoiding process downtime and emergency maintenance.

Integrating the TX200H transmitter into most process systems is simple since it can use existing wiring as an upgraded, drop-in replacement for a standard analog 4-20 mA transmitter. A user may easily communicate with the TX200H through a handheld device or PC equipped with commercially available HART software. The TX200H transmitter handles pressure ranges up to 1724 bar, is ATEX for Zone 1 hazardous areas and CE (PED, EMC) compliant, and can be panel or direct-to-process mounted.

The Hart protocol is based on a standardized set of commands that is maintained by the HART Communication Foundation (HCF) and allows any end-user to easily integrate devices like the TX200H transmitter into their HART-enabled system. The TX200H transmitter has been designed to communicate with other HART enabled devices such as a software package running on a PC with HART interface or a field portable HART communicator.

120 Series: Rugged, Explosion-proof Pressure, Vacuum, Differential Pressure & Temperature Switches

As safety requirements become more stringent, specifying industrial pressure, differential pressure, and/or temperature switches take on critical importance, protecting equipment, processes, and personnel. UEC’s 120 Series switches are the ideal choices where potentially explosive or highly corrosive atmospheres exist. They meet hazardous location requirements through worldwide approvals and certifications.

 The 120 Series switches offer a common flexible platform so models can quickly be adapted at the factory for special requirements, such as ranges, process connections, and electrical ratings. Typical industries using 120 Series switches include chemical, petrochemical, refinery, and oil and gas production and transmission.

The 120 Series switches are approved for Zone 1, flame-proof, and Zone 0, intrinsically safe areas per ? ATEX and IECEx, and CE (LVD, PED) compliant. Other worldwide hazardous location approvals such as for North America, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, and China are available.

?Other 120 Series transmitter features include:

  • Dual-electrical conduit openings provide mounting flexibility; terminal block provides ease of wiring
  • ?SPDT, DPDT, or dual-SPDT switch output
  • ?Internal or external set-point adjustment
  • ?Heat-trace and freeze protection temperature models
  • Integral cover lock
  • Wide variety of sensor materials; optional Hastelloy® and Monel® sensor material for corrosive media

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UEC safety products are available for immediate delivery from distributors worldwide.

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