VEGAFLEX 86 – part of the new generation of guided wave radar instruments is not only technologically one of the most advanced GWR sensors on the market and one of the simplest to set up, it also has safety accreditations for SIL 3. Additionally, it now features boiler level control approval for automated/unmanned operation according to EN12952-11:2007-Water tube and EN12953-9 :2007 for Shell type boilers (also as a limiting device in redundancy). It features a special compensation for the run time error in saturated steam applications and its own integrated stilling tube. This means a self-contained, ready calibrated and compensated device can be supplied for steam boiler level control with sensor specification capable of 400°C and 400 bar. The accreditation means boiler water level control using this device can operate accurately and fully automatically in accordance with safety guidelines, thus saving energy, increasing safety and productivity in the area of energy generation.

This sensor can be installed directly inside or in an external chamber, with no moving parts to drift, wear or service, resulting in lower cost of ownership. Measurement accuracy is also unaffected by changes in water temperature, density or conductivity. Limiting devices such as float or conductivity switches are traditionally used for point level control, but an even safer alternative is available. VEGASWING has up to 450°C and 160 bar rating, a compact switch element using self monitoring and fail safe switch technology to SIL2/3 with redundancy.  For more information, or arrange a demo, contact VEGA at