Versatile repack

Jan 11, 2013 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem: The Müller Dairy in Market Drayton is always looking to increase output, reduce costs and improve production flexibility to meet current demand and develop new opportunities. The company recognised that manufacturing capability could be improved by upgrading and re-engineering the re-pack line, that was over-reliant on manual intervention. The system also lacked versatility, at it was not designed to handle twin pots, which are a major growth area.

Solution: Müller Dairy has commissioned CKF?systems as its project partner to design, install and commission a fully automated solution, using much of the current equipment and within the same floorspace.

The resulting system has four infeed legs to handle multipacks with a variety of flavours. The repack system takes packed yoghurt from a pallet, produces a multipack, repacks and palletises –  four ABB Flexpickers play an integral role in this operation. This new, fully-automated repacking line is at least 50% more efficient.

CKF Systems