Problem: Ineos Chlorvinyls required two weighbridges to replace its existing mechanical pit weighbridges. The weighbridges are used for weighing vehicles transporting chlorinated paraffin packaged in intermodal ISO tanks.

Solution: Weightron Bilanciai has installed two bespoke 50 tonne Eurodeck pit mounted weighbridges and local instrumentation at the Ineos Chlorvinyls plant in Runcorn.

The Eurodeck is suitable for installation into existing pits because its low profile, modular construction means that non-standard imperial pit sizes and depths can be accomplished with minimum changes to the weighbridge and existing pit structure. In this application new concrete supports were cast inside the pit to support the load cell assemblies, ensuring the new weighbridge decks fitted flush with the road surface.

The weighbridge itself features fully welded stainless steel load cells and a restraint system to minimise the damaging effects of harsh vehicle braking. The main structural beams, which support a durbar deck, run length ways, consistent with traffic flow, and have sufficient depth so that they do not need stiffening plates. 

Weightron’s sales director Emlyn Roberts, said: “Although we offer a wide range of standard weighbridges, we know that in the real world one size doesn’t fit all. As a result we maintain the flexibility in-house to build exactly the right weighbridge for any particular application, based on our proven designs.”

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