Piston Pumps

Piston pumps typically have a higher pressure rating than gear pumps. At their most basic, piston pumps are capable of around 4,000 psi (275 bar). However, we also offer them with much higher ratings, including 14,500 psi piston pumps (those with up to 1,000 bar). The amount of fluid that piston pumps are able to displace varies widely depending on the model.
In addition to being capable of pumping at higher pressure, it is also possible to efficiently adjust the displacement per rev of some piston pumps, which allows a much more efficient use of energy than with a fixed displacement gear or piston pump.

Piston pumps are more complex than gear pumps and, therefore, more expensive; however, where high pressures and/or effective control of oil flow is required, it is normally from an energy efficiency point of view worth using a piston pump rather than a gear pump.

Vertical, horizontal or wall mounted viscous pumps and stubby pumps are Piston Pumps which are ideal for moving or transferring high viscosity liquids and pastes. They are clean quiet and efficient. Viscous Pumps and Stubby pumps can be stalled without damage.

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