Operating as an all-round safety network, the Draeger X-zone 5000 uses wireless technology to automatically connect multiple monitors for reliable, continuous detection of toxic, combustible and explosive gases.

Ensuring that personnel have the confidence to work worry-free even in the most dangerous environments, these transportable units are quick to deploy and easy to set up. Issuing a loud alarm as soon as a gas is detected, they change colour to clearly identify the alarm status. The areas where gas has been detected are indicated by red visual alarms.

Safe atmospheres are confirmed by green visual alarms.

Up to 25 Draeger X-zones can be used at any one time, forming a complete wireless network to suit the specific application, including those where an explosion hazard might exist. In addition to Zone 0 ATEX performance, they offer a lower cost of ownership by combining flexible monitoring capabilities with a long sensor life and enhanced battery performance.

Allowing gas ingress from every side, it can be fitted with up to four sensors to detect as many as five gases at once.

The Drager X-zone 5000 provides simultaneous measurement of gases and vapours such as hydrocarbons, hydrogen and other explosive, combustible or toxic gases.