Problem: In order to accommodate the growth in demand for its chicken products, Birds Eye carried out a project to move a packaging line to a new plant. As a result, the company required a  new collator/shrink wrapper. Solution: Birds Eye has specified a Matrix machine from Linkx Systems to meet this requirement. This is the third machine of this type specified by Birds Eye. It was chosen on the basis of the performance, versatility and reliability delivered by the two machines already in use.

Working with engineers at Birds Eye, Linkx Systems has also overhauled and refurbished the packaging line’s existing conveyors and mechanical handling systems. Compared with the purchase of new equipment, cost savings were made without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Features of the Matrix machines that make them particularly attractive to Birds Eye include their high throughput capacity, flexibility and convenience, and low running costs. They can handle up to 300 cartons/min.

Linkx Systems

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