The recently completed La Collete Energy from Waste (EfW) plant in Jersey will provide a reliable and environmentally friendly means of waste disposal for the Island over the next 25 years. It will also provide up to 7% of the Island’s electricity needs. The project required a weighbridge management system for the weighbridges used to weigh vehicles transporting waste material to the site and those removing residues such as ash and metals from the plant.

A driver-operated weighbridge management system, supplied by Weightron Bilanciai, combines two 18m, 50 tonne capacity Eurodeck pit weighbridges, dual height Self800 driver-operated terminals, card readers, control barriers, traffic lights and vehicle end sensors with the Winweigh software package. The software manages the complete weighing process, communicating directly with the plant’s ERP management system.

In addition to recording essential weight data for fiscal and legislative purposes, the system is said to improve vehicle logistics and site security through the use of vehicle identity cards. The dual height driver-operated terminals can accommodate a range of vehicles.