KIMO Instruments offers  the debimo system to accurately measure air velocity and airflow in ducts.

The first part consists of a pair of DEBIMO measuring blades.  The blades look like wings in section and you can install easily inside any circular or rectangular duct. You simply make a slot and slide them in. Their streamlined design avoids any air loss and turbulences inside the duct. This system is based on differential pressure, similar to a pitot tube but with holes along its length, the debimo automatically generates dynamic pressure at different locations taking account of the variations in airflow across the duct.

This dynamic pressure is measured with the new generation of KIMO CP300 transmitters. These transmitters have superb accuracy to measure differential pressure, and with an inbuilt square root option, calculate air velocity from 2 to 100 m/s, and also airflow once you have configured it with your ducts sizes.

This system also enables you to:

– compensate air velocity and airflow, according to air temperature.
– set different setpoints on 2 relay outputs
– send the data through two 4-20 mA or 0-10V analogue outputs, or through a RS485 Modbus digital output.

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