The HACH LANGE stands (Nos. 94, 95 & 96) at the WWEM 2012 exhibition in Telford on 7th and 8th November, will feature three free training sessions that will provide attendees with help and advice on how to maximise the benefits of testing and monitoring. Each clinic will provide technical help and advice supported by practical case studies.


  1. Automated TP, TN & COD analysis – this clinic will include a ‘live’ training session on an automated Lab Robot, the AP 3900, which runs unattended analysis of multiple tests including COD, Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, Ammonium, Nitrate and Nitrite.
  2. Wastewater Treatment Optimisation – this clinic will focus on: the use of optimisation using real-time control to lower costs; managing Phosphate removal, and maintaining compliance whilst lowering energy consumption and costs.
  3. Improve Process Efficiency with Online TOC – this clinic will discuss how real-time influent TOC measurements can be used for:

    1. the early detection of spills/product loss
    2. preventing organic overloading of the treatment plant
    3. improving wastewater treatment efficiency
    4. preventing consent failure

Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and can be reserved by contacting Sarah Blayds on 0161 872 1487 or .