The latest addition to Emerson’s combustion flue gas analysis product range is the Rosemount Analytical Model 6888 in-situ oxygen analyser. The analyser provides accurate measurement of the oxygen remaining in the flue gases coming from combustion processes such as boilers, incinerators, kilns, process heaters and industrial heating furnaces. By maintaining the ideal level of oxygen in the flue gases, optimal efficiency is achieved and the lowest levels of NOX, CO, and CO2  are produced.

 The in-situ design of the Model 6888 places a zirconium oxide sensing element at the end of a probe which can be inserted directly into a flue gas stream. Probe lengths are available from 45cm to 3.65m, and a slip mounting option provides the ability to mount a long probe at any insertion depth. Signal conditioning electronics in the head of each probe, eliminate the need for expensive signal cable. The analyser is fully field-repairable and is easy to use and calibrate. Diagnostics determine when calibration should be conducted, reducing the number of unneeded calibrations.

Another feature of the Model 6888 is its ability to continue operation through process upsets and indicate oxygen levels during the event. Also, in applications where there is a heavy particulate loading in the flue gas stream, a plugged diffuser diagnostic feature notes the “return to process” time after calibration gas is turned off. As the time extends, the diagnostic will indicate the need for a diffuser replacement.

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