Quantitech has introduced a range of automatic isokinetic samplers said to improve the speed, accuracy and reliability of sampling particulates and gases from chimneys, stacks and ducts.

The Tecora Isostack G4 automatically records measurement values in addition to equipment configuration data, improving the reliability and traceability of monitoring results. Compliant with international standards and compatible with existing probes and sample trains, the G4 offers stack testers the opportunity to automate their sampling procedures and generate .xml reports quickly and simply.

The Isostack G4 is available in 2 versions (both with 4 or 8 m3/h pump): as a single complete unit with built-in display and keyboard, or as two separate units; a small lightweight intelligent controller which can be used at the measuring point, and a larger heavier sample pump, which can be located at a more convenient location.


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