FouleX, an antibacterial coating developed by Bollfilter, helps prevent biofilm build-up on filter elements, extending the intervals between cleaning and reducing downtime.

Automatic water filters from Boll & Kirch offer the reliability, performance and durability required in the UK utility and processing industries. However, in certain circumstances, biofilm contamination can occur on the filter elements – affecting the self-cleaning, back-flushing process and requiring manual cleaning. Conventional cleaning does not remove all the biofilm, so it can grow back quickly leading to increased maintenance intervals.

In response, the R & D team from Boll & Kirch has developed FouleX, which is designed to prevent the build-up of biofilm contamination on filter elements.

Solving the problem

The FouleX coating has been used to solve the problem of biofilm formation on filters at the WAG Water Treatment Plant in Germany.

Two Bollfilter 6.18 Automatic Filter Systems have been installed at the plant to provide primary protection for the ultra-filtration membrane plant.

However, due to the presence of manganese bacteria, a biofilm formed on the filter elements after just three month’s operating time. As a result, the normally self-cleaning filters had to be manually cleaned – washed inside and out with a high-pressure cleaner and decontaminated with an acidic cleaning agent.

A FouleX coating was applied to the   filter elements which, after three month’s normal operation, were checked and found to be completely free from biological growth. 

Simplifying the cleaning process

The operating company at WAG was delighted with the improved filter performance. “With the FouleX coating, the operating time without cleaning has been extended to 16 months. What is more, the cleaning process is much easier, requiring just rinsing with water.”

A maintenance interval of 12 months is normally recommended for Boll automatic filter systems. At the WAG plant, the FouleX coating has increased this by a third, reducing maintenance and downtime. The cost for cleaning chemicals has also been reduced.


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