With a filtration area of 0.03m² Powder Systems Ltd’s (PSL’s) latest filter dryer offers a solution for kilo lab application and commercial production of highly active product. The kilo lab filter dryer’s 0.03m² filtration area provides 15L liquid volume, 6L wet cake volume capabilities and an alloy 22 construction.

The high containment isolator with filter dryer discharge allows product to be completely removed through a raking system and weighed and dispensed inside the isolator. The powder can be discharged into bags and transferred via an RTP, or the powder can be directly transferred into bags via a split butterfly valve.

One of PSL’s clients required an OEL test result of <1µg/m³ 8hr TWA. According to PSL, the test bettered its client’s needs by achieving an average of <50ng during the sampling period.

PSL provides assurance that operations can be carried out without containment breach, protecting both the operator and the product. The filter dryers can be simply scaled-up from 0.002m² to 2.5m².

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