Specialist pump supplier Applied Pumps Ltd have just shipped 25 pump sets to Qatar for use with transformer oil. Each set consists of a ductile iron gear pump fitted to a 0.75kW close coupled IP55 electric motor, all mounted within a tubular steel carrying frame and including a reversible starter unit, fully wired and ready for use. As part of the contract each unit was tested and supplied with full certification.

These robust gear pumps each deliver some 25 litre/min of oil at up to 10 bar delivery pressure and as a complete unit is both light weight and very portable, they are the perfect choice for a single operator to use for site work.

Gear pumps are inherently self-priming and can handle a large range of viscosities, making them the perfect solution for oils, fuels and viscous chemicals.

Applied Pumps Ltd specialises in the design and build of pump sets and these 25 units were built and ready for despatch within one working week!