icenta Controls in the UK is introducing a new range of industrial inline paddlewheel flow meters that offers considerable benefits for continuous liquid flow monitoring

The IC-LPM series of paddlewheel meters provides accurate flow rate monitoring over the range of 0.5 to 1200 l/min with standard nominal sizes up to 50 mm.  A simple yet robust stainless steel construction offers excellent corrosion resistance and a versatile design with custom options can be easily adapted to meet varying flow monitoring requirements: additional meter sizes and flow ranges, threaded or flanged connections, a selection of outputs, flow instruments and displays, a choice of 3 temperature ratings (up to 120°C, 230°C or 350°C) and pressures up to 100 bar or greater by request.

The IC-LPM paddlewheel meter features a freely supported paddlewheel impeller mounted on a bearing and pin assembly.  As the fluid passes through the meter body it causes the paddlewheel to rotate at a speed that is proportional, within a small level of uncertainty, to the stream flow velocity over a 10:1 linear flow range.  The rotational speed is measured by a magnetic pick-up housed in the probe assembly.

IC-LPM meters are an ideal replacement for many turbine meters: they offer a lower pressure drop and reduced risk of contamination from liquids with suspended solids, whilst achieving a good level of linearity/repeatability.  Typical applications include chilled water circuit monitoring, oil based temperature controllers, chemical & water batching.  In fact, the IC-LPM has already proved to be ideal for a range of liquid flow applications:

  1. The IC-LPM is employed by a UK based temperature control specialist in their range of tool heaters and temperature controllers which ensure that temperatures are accurately managed within applications such as injection moulding, extrusion and die casting.  The standard temperature IC-LPM with mV output is used in water based heaters up to 90°C whilst the high temperature version is used in oil based heaters from 150 to 350°C.
  2. The IC-LPM with battery-powered resettable flow totaliser is used in mobile aircraft deicing systems to monitor use of deicing fluid and allow billing of individual airlines.  The IC-LPM was chosen as a cost effective alternative to a turbine flow meter or insertion paddlewheel meter.
  3. A company that concentrates on fuel storage and handling of diesel and oil is using the standard temperature IC-LPM with a battery powered flow rate indicator for monitoring the flow of diesel to/from storage tanks.  The IC-LPM meter was chosen primarily because of the short lead time compared with supply of an equivalent turbine meter.
  4. A leading provider of engineering solutions in machining technology has integrated the standard temperature IC-LPM with mV output into a CNC milling machine to control flow and optimise usage of machine cutting fluid.

For more information about the IC-LPM series please contact icenta Controls Ltd