The ARI triple offset process valve ZETRIX®, is permanently leak proof, durable and versatile for guaranteed isolation and control even in the harshest industrial environments. ZETRIX® was designed, developed and tested using the very latest generation of tools and advanced German engineering, resulting in a premium product that will out last and out perform other process valves on the market.

ZETRIX® unites the benefits of a metal-seated process valve with all the advantages of a butterfly design. With its compact dimensions and light weight material this cutting-edge valve is very easy to handle. The triple offset principle guarantees a permanently tight seal, conforming to leakage rate A in accordance with DIN EN 12266-1. It can also be used as an isolation and control valve, making it extremely versatile.

Available in cast or stainless steel, ZETRIX® is suitable for liquids, gases and vapours in a wide range of industries and applications. It features a double-flanged connection and can be used with manual, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator.

Commenting on ZETRIX®, Nick Davies ARI-Armaturen UK Sales Director said, “Following extensive R&D investment, ARI has developed a versatile, reliable and cost-effective valve solution for all process applications. The ZETRIX® valve has been stringently tested and approved to standards TA-Luft, fire safe & SIL and designed to meet the high performance demands of applications where long life and positive shut-off under arduous conditions is essential.”

Finite element analysis was used to simulate the stresses and their distribution occurring over the valve disc in order to achieve the required strength at pressure load levels in combination with a slim and flow-friendly shape. The result is uniform flow and high flow capacity.

In addition to a ‘smart’ self-aligning sealing ring, ZETRIX® also features stellited seat, hardened shaft bearings and a blow-out protected stem as standard. It is rated for operation at temperatures from -29°C to +427°C and available in several nominal diameters from DN 150 to DN 600. The nominal pressure ranges from PN 10 to PN 40 conforming to Class 150 and Class 300 with a range of options available to suit specific applications.

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