The diversity of the product range at Aristocat Pet Supplies in Sheffield meant a reliable bagging system, that could be changed quickly and simply when new products needed to be packed, was required. Aristocat provide a range of blended pet foods, including dog and cat food, avian seeds and wild bird and animal feeds.

To meet this requirement, Chronos BTH has recently replaced a H17 manual bagging scale with a SpeedAC NXT controlled Chrono-Weigh H17E automatic bagging weigher. The H17E can integrate seamlessly into existing H17 installations, and has been mounted on rails for this particular application. This means the H17E can be quickly moved out of the way to provide access to the associated elevating equipment. In order to simplify the process further, the electrical supply cabling and compressed air supply pipework moves with the unit, eliminating the need to disconnect everything before the H17E is moved.

Packing schedules incorporated into the SpeedAC NXT weighing controller allow the operator to change over the weight ranges and products being packed quickly and efficiently. As a result, Aristrocrat Pet Supplies has speeded up and improved the reliability of its packing operation.

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