SEPURA’s™ globally-renowned range of oil/water filters covers just about every type of industrial application including the small SEP 60 condensate cleaner as well as the impressive mid-range family of separators. But when it comes to the heavy duty end of the scale, SEPURA accommodates the needs of users just as efficiently with its single-use, quick-fit condensate cleaners for compressed air systems of up to 7000cfm (200 m3/min).

Entirely developed and manufactured by UK filtration specialist Bowman Stor, the SEP 3500ST and SEP 7000ST units not only provide the highest levels of performance, reliability and exceptional service life, they ensure total compliance for users of large compressed air equipment.

Bowman’s manager director, Richard Potts is justifiably proud of the range:

“Our ethos has always been that when a customer buys a SEPURA product, they are investing in  value engineering. Take the SEP 7000ST, for example. Other ‘solutions’ might need up to four smaller individual separators, and that’s not ideal. They can be costly to install, inefficient to operate, and waste both floor space and maintenance resources. Our solution is cost-effective, simple to install, compact, and largely maintenance-free.”

Indeed, weekly quality checks and a complete and rapid change-out once every two years* are all that is required to keep the high capacity SEPURA units operating at their best.

Smart design is key to the superiority of all Bowman’s products. Both the SEP 3500ST and SEP 7000ST units contain filter chambers built from standard IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) providing a total volume of either 600 or 1000 litres (model dependent).

Most of this volume is filled with balanced proportions of polypropylene shred to remove bulk oil, as well as Bowman Stor’s unique SILEXA™ filtration media; a patented sustainable oil-adsorbing material which possesses extremely high oil capacity and the capability to clean condensate down to as low as 5 mg/ml (5ppm) oil content.

SILEXA is a recycled and recyclable filter medium which means that, as well as making major gains in the fight against oil pollution, the whole process is as environmentally clean as possible.

And if that isn’t enough, SEPURA’s high capacity separators boast a whole range of other benefits:

  • No moving parts – no floats, weirs or oil containers
  • No pre-soaking of filtration medium. Users can just connect the condensate drains and leave them to work
  • No power consumption, small footprint, quick and simple installation
  • No maintenance required until service exchange is due (except weekly quality check)
  • Cartridge-type replacement filter ensures clean & quick service routine
  • Economically engineered—making use of standard parts where possible
  • Lowest ‘cost of ownership’ of all available solutions is possible
  • Works equally well on mineral oils and mineral-based synthetics
  • Availability is usually better than 10 working days

“Quality is in the DNA of all SEPURA products,” adds Richard Potts. “As well as constantly developing new and improved filtration innovations, each model is exhaustively lab-tested for thousands of hours, then field-tested to ensure it meets the exacting standards demanded by our customers.”

*Up to 2 years between services at capacities of 3500 or 7000 cfm (100 or 200 m3/min)

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