Can drying tunnel improves cleaning operations

Jan 11, 2013 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem: “We needed a better drying system because one of the most important elements during the labelling process is the dryness of the can,” said Daniel Mitrofan, manager tehnic for Scandia Food in Romania. The company produces canned meat products including liver pate, stews, meat sauces and traditional Romanian dishes.

Solution: An Air Control Industries (ACI) Can Drying Tunnel has been installed on a meat-canning line at the plant in Judet Sibiu. The line has a throughput of up to 12000cans/h, and the cans themselves have  diameters of 73, 83, and 99mm and heights from 48 to 110mm. The ACI system is able to cope with all the different sizes with equal efficiency.

Cleaning operations have been simplified and operating costs reduced thanks to the introduction of the ACI system. It is an ‘EL’ version of the company’s DRI-Line Series and comprises a can tunnel plus a blower housed in a leg mounted acoustic enclosure. Cans pass through the tunnel and air is delivered via precisely configured slots. This ensures all moisture is removed and contained, preventing it from being deposited on cans, or elsewhere. The leg mounting option for the blower provides flexibility in positioning and an easy-to-clean environment.

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