‘MICRO’ SE 308M claimed to deliver largest capacity for single phase machines

An advanced new rotary screw compressor range from FPS Air Compressors is claimed to offer the biggest capacity available from any air compressor operating from a 230V single phase electrical supply. The 2.2kW single phase version of the Fini ‘MICRO’ SE 308M is a silenced machine which can deliver  an outstanding 11.5 cfm (325 L/min) FAD capacity @ 8 bar – much greater than any piston or rotary screw compressor currently available operating from this type of power supply.

Many small scale manufacturing environments in the UK are limited by power and in particular the availability of three phase electrical supplies. In these circumstances the use of single phase power can be a restriction both in terms of the capacity of any air compressor used, and by the technology of the compressor. Many users will chose a piston type for such applications, even though these rarely offer the capacity required and are not generally suited to continuous operation. In addition piston compressors can be noisy, which can be a particular issue in installations of this kind.

The new MICRO SE 308M offers an innovative solution in this situation. It is virtually silent in operation, and enables users to operate larger capacity tools and equipment – resulting in enhanced productivity and increased efficiency.

As well as offering extra capacity, this compressor offers other significant benefits. The operating noise level at just 58dB(A) makes it virtually inaudible in most production environments, whilst the latest rotary screw technology (incorporating FINI’s proven manufacturing pedigree) provides durable performance and optimum energy efficiency. The machine is designed for low maintenance, and features simple controls with extremely attractive styling.

The MICRO 0308M operates at 8 bar pressure, but a 10 bar version (MICRO 0310M) is also available. Both machines are part of the wider Fini Micro range, which includes models at 3kW and 4kW (three phase) and capacity range up to 20.5 cfm (580 L/min). Any of the compressors can be provided in various formats to suit customer requirements – including a floor standing version, a receiver mounted version (200L) and with an integrated refrigerated dryer.

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