Problem: Bio-control product manufacturer Becker Underwood was using a conventional direct-driven lobe type blower to supply process air to fermenters at its facility in Littlehampton. The blower was exhibiting significant oil carry-over and reliability issues, which were impacting on the health of the bio-organisms and contributing to excessive process costs.

Solution: Atlas Copco ZS low-pressure, oil-free blower technology has been installed to meet the need for high quality, oil and contaminant free compressed air. The rotary screw displacement blower has a variable speed drive and a separate TD 650 aftercooler to reduce the temperature of the air before it enters the fermenters. The unit is supplied in an ISO container, so it can be installed outside and located adjacent to the process area. The integrated package comprises a main motor inverter, control and blower conditioning system. Motor speed is varied to match changes in compressed air demand. 

Atlas Copco

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