Problem: Mixers used in pharmaceutical crystallisation processes need to offer low shearing capabilities and improve heat transfer to reduce heating/cooling times.

Solution: Pfaudler’s TBX Turbine is suited to such processes. The turbine is suitable for reactors up to 8000l and is coated with the company’s smoother, cleaner, more resitant PharmaGlass to improve the axial mixing effect in the reactor and reduce heating/cooling times.

Based on Pfaudler’s four-blade TBF Turbine, the TBX suits the upper level of dual-impeller agitating systems. It features four blades on a single hub, with a 45° angle between blades – this facilitates the introduction of the agitator to the reactor and provides easier cleaning than two-hub impellers. The TBX also offers a simple, low cost method of installing an eight-blade agitator without making modifications to existing two-level agitator shafts.


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