Dawson Shanahan, one of the world’s leading specialists in precision engineering, has released a new, free white paper offering tips on how to maximise manufacturing efficiency. The paper will help manufacturers to identify new ways to cut costs without compromising output quality. 

As the paper points out, high material costs for manufacturers of metal components are sometimes judged to be a fact of life to be endured. The truth, however, is that there are now an increasing number of options available with which to cut costs and achieve a more efficient and sustainable manufacturing programme. 

Included in the paper, titled Reducing Metal Waste in Engineering, is a discussion of cold forming, a manufacturing process by which metal is shaped without removing material. In cold forming, the strength of the part is maximised along its length, while internal surfaces take on a highly polished finish. Crucially, the process can also cut production costs without sacrificing the quality of components since it produces virtually zero waste. Thanks to cold forming, up to 80% material savings can be achieved, as well as time and costs saved that would otherwise have been incurred by machining. 

The white paper can be downloaded free from http://www.dawson-shanahan.co.uk/dawson-shanahan-white-paper-offers-manufacturing-efficiency-tips