The latest in ecom’s Ex-Handy series of mobile phones, the Ex-Handy 08, comes with a free desktop dock when you place an order in January 2014. Get the year off to the perfect start with this ATEX certified mobile phone. It is the most advanced communication device available for hazardous area workers and it now comes complete with 3G connectivity, keeping your workers better connected than ever before.

The Ex-Handy 08 is the ideal device for any mobile worker who needs to stay connected while in Zone 1 hazardous areas. With this mobile phone, workers can easily and quickly transfer data to each other or to a control centre, therefore extending their capabilities in remote areas. As well as offering 3G connectivity, this phone has an optional camera and video recorder to allow workers to take pictures of any faults or problems they encounter during their inspection rounds. The Ex-Handy 08 also has optional lone worker capabilities such as man down alarm and accelerometers to detect when workers are in danger. With the use of the flash/torch on the device, workers are also able to illuminate small dark areas which are common in hazardous areas. Overall, this device combines to offer the functionality of 4 separate devices into one, a mobile phone, torch, video recorder and lone worker device.

If you order an Ex-Handy 08 in January then you will receive a free desktop dock. The dock enables workers to simultaneously charge both the phone and a spare battery at the same time, meaning that the phone can be used for an entire shift without the need for charging. The desktop dock can also be used to connect the mobile phone to a PC in order to transfer data off the phone. If the Ex-Handy 08 is essential to your daily operation then the desktop dock is the perfect solution to keep your phone fully charged and connected at all times.

If you would like any further information or need some advice on the Ex-Handy 08 mobile phone then head to our dedicated microsite – – or call ecom instruments today on +44 (0) 1642 465 400.

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