ID labels resist harsh cleaning processes

Jan 7, 2014 | Food Processing & Packaging

Brady’s new Toughwash Harsh Washdown Resistant Labels remain intact under the harsh cleaning processes used in the food & beverage processing industry. The new labels also alert in-line metal detectors to avoid unwanted product entering the food stream.

To improve on the job safety and efficiency for their employees, industrial manufacturing facilities use a wide range of labels and signs. Food & beverage production facilities however are mostly precluded from using these signs in order to guarantee food purity and quality for their customers. “The new Toughwash labels are able to better protect customers and employees in the food & beverage processing industries”, said Tim Van den Eede, Product Manager Materials EMEA at Brady Corporation. “The label has outstanding durability and supports excellent hygiene due to its specialty topcoat, a strong facesheet, engineered label interfaces and edges, superior adhesive and metal detection capabilities.”

Cleaning processes in food & beverage facilities often involve spray washing with extremely high temperature and pressure water jets, exposure to acidic or alkaline detergents, and scrubbing with abrasive tools. To create a label that resists these ordeals, Brady constructed an application lab to test, evaluate and adapt its new Toughwash label until it resisted the abrasion, chemical exposure and the harshest spray conditions mentioned in the Ingress Protection Rating for DIN 40050-9 IP69K.

The Toughwash label uses steel instead of aluminium to guarantee metal detectability. Standard in-line detection equipment will recognise the label without fault due to steel’s stronger alternating current field generation. Brady also made sure the detection layer cannot be accidentally removed from the remainder of the label.

To make sure the symbols and messages on your labels and signs remain legible throughout numerous washdown cycles, Brady has engineered thermal heat transfer printable ink ribbons and a quality topcoat to work together to produce a permanent print. This enables users to print custom labels for their facility and safety identification needs, allowing rapid response to safety risks, true to the spirit of lean manufacturing. Toughwash labels can be printed with Brady’s BBP31, BBP33 and Globalmark printers.

The new Toughwash™ Harsh Washdown Labels offer strong, durable label stocks and an abrasion-resistant print and topcoat to deliver a washdown resistant, metal-detectable solution that meets or exceeds many of the environmental challenges in food & beverage processing facilities.

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